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Nurse With Wound

What's the weirdest experimental track in your collection? I mean not just random weirdness, but one track you actually do appreciate listening to.

As for me, I've been listening to lots of weird things (both electronic and acoustic music) but still haven't been able to dig anything more bizarre than this one, and I think it's quite perfect:

Nurse With Wound - The Bottom Feeder

Quite unique material, can't think of anything feeling anywhere close to that.

From the same band, the track called "Trippin' With The Birds" is also kind of weird sounding, but it doesn't feel near as special, considering it is reminiscent of krautrock. Indeed, here I'm rather after tracks which are so unusual that they can't really fit any defined musical genre and can ony be described as purely experimental or abstract.

Indeed, this topic was more about tracks which are so unusual that they can't really fit well in any defined musical genre.

Of course that is kind of subjective and appreciation of what sounds atypical will largely depend on one's musical culture diversity, but I guess you get my point.
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