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Noise Is Space is an experiment that wants to bring up the behavior of human perception thought different kinds of sounds and atmospheres.
The evolution of the video/visuals, is the process that wants to reproduce on a visible layer the directory of the sound elements.
Here no borders or genders, the time doesn’t have any importance, because the unique important element is the space.
The noise is the sound object that represents and expresses the condition of absence of perimeters. Ambient atmospheres and open synths combined to minimal techno influence, dirty and noisy, are indeed some kind of elements that drive emotions in defined parameters.
The massive difference between perimeters and parameters, is that perimeters consist in the absence of walls and defined forms, while parameters, that are made of the sound elements, are the tools to built a wide space. “Seas are space, spacecrafts are tools”.
The presence of imaginary landscapes and visual installations are complementary to all the work, exactly like “the other half of the opera”.
'Waves', the first full-length CD from Canopy of Stars is available for pre-order now. This is a limited edition of 100 glass mastered CDs.

If you like Fax you may get something from this. Music inspired by the sights and sounds of the coast, a fascination with the universe stretching back to my childhood and the ambient music that I love.

You can check out a four track album sampler with some mesmerising video art from Anthony Obr (aka Tsone) here:

The Youtube link also contains an additional link to Bandcamp.
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Happy listening.
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