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Slowly evolving piece which featured additive sounds and textures varying from ambient tones to more song-structured pieces.

Almost beatless ambient songs to fit your mood and every day life! Just in case you fell asleep, I had to wake you up for the grand finale! ... Towards the end.

I hope you'll enjoy the trip as much as I enjoyed mixing it! All mixes in the serie can be mixed at request to make a very long, super chilled mix.

Tracklist for the purists and the curious:

01. Adam Shaikh - Zero G
02. Funckarma - Iolala
03. David Morley - Frozen
04. Gate Zero - At The End There's Nothing
05. Full Moon Fashions - Giants
06. Husikesque - Haunt me
07. Thomas Fehlmann - Next To The Field
08. The Sight Below - A Fractured Smile
09. The Audiolounge - Autocomposer (Reprise)
10. The Timewriter - So Fragile (On my Own)
11. Sun electric - Love 2 Love
12. Thomas p. Heckmann - The Burden Of Gravity
13. A Reminiscent Drive - Everything Is As I Am
14. System 7 - Fay Deau Deau
15. Daniel Pemberton - Hello / Novelty Track
16. Blamstrain - The Thing You hate Me For Is Also A Part Of The Rest Of Me That You Love
17. The Sight Below - Burn Me Out From The Inside
18. Taho - Anapurna
19. The Ambush - Casablanca
20. Yoko Kanno - Cowboy Bebop OST Radio Free Mars Talk #7


Anthéne is the solo project of the Toronto Artist Bradley Sean Alexander Deschamps, known as founder and curator of Polar Seas Recordings.